What Does It Take To Live


What Does It Take to Live?  is a mixed media collaboration between a painter and a photographer. Photographer Sutirtha Chatterjee documents his travels as a personal quest for the meaning to life – what does, in fact, it take to live? The answers are often played out in simple moments in front of him. These are moments from everyday life- strangers met on the street, lonely walks taken at night, bright boulevards that leave their personalities on you. He comes back with these moments on his Polaroids, and recounts these moments to illustrator Trina Sen. Each image is then meticulously painted over, with the illustrator responding to what she sees on the Polaroid and what she has heard from Sutirtha’s narrative.

With this project, we aim to bring together these two complementary areas of photography and illustration, to stretch the boundaries of the very act of documenting as a crossroad of (a) moment, (its) memory and wonder.

Copyright © Sutirtha Chatterjee. All Rights Reserved